Amelia Rae-lene Chua

Amelia is currently one of our active DAS Student Alumni. She joined DAS in 2012 after her Preschool Principal highlighted Amelia’s difficulties when reading and writing.

Diagnosed with dyslexia, Amelia was enrolled in DAS weekly classes which she thoroughly enjoyed. Amelia spent six years at DAS. Amelia recalled that “every teacher made the lessons fun and easy to follow and they took time to understand my strengths and weaknesses.” Attending classes at the DAS has not only helped Amelia to read and spell, but also develop a love for writing and spelling.

“DAS has helped me to understand and love myself even with the learning differences I have”, said Amelia. DAS has helped Amelia become mentally stronger in order to persevere in her sport, short track speed skating.

Amelia had the opportunity to represent Singapore at international competitions such as the Southeast Asian Open Trophy, Asian Cup and Australia Open. She bagged a number of gold, silver and bronze medals from these competitions.

Amelia is currently active in the DAS Student Alumni and is giving back to DAS by being involved in the Citi-YMCA Youth for Causes project, along with a group of DAS Student Alumni. She hopes to be able to raise money through this cause to support students with financial assistance from DAS.

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