Actors Assemble! We are back in class!

Nothing warms a drama teacher’s heart more than a classroom full of kids ready for action. After a term of online learning, students and teachers alike were yearning for face to face lessons.  Then finally, like a breath of fresh air, the long-awaited Phase 2 began, signalling the physical opening of learning centres.

Our re-entrance to society was not as simple as going back to normal. Covid-19 has transformed the way we interact with others and the classroom has not been spared. To establish proper management, Speech and Drama Arts (SDA) students returned in batches, starting from the lower primary students. By Week 7, all of SDA classes had resumed at Bedok and Bishan Learning Centre.

The above photo is taken in 2019

New protocols have been implemented to ensure the safety of our students. All students will have their temperatures taken and their hands disinfected before class. Each student has to wear a face mask in class. In addition, a face shield is also required due to the nature of the programme that emphasises on presentations and voice activities. Clear demarcation of space for each student and social distancing measures are to be maintained throughout the lesson. Students are also encouraged to take ownership of their learning space by taking part in a wipe-down after each session.

Despite the new routines and challenges, students are happy to be reunited. Let’s hear what they had to say:

“It’s good to come back because I can see my friends’ real faces and not from the screen” – Justin Kwan, Primary 4

“I’m very happy to come back to class because I can see my friends!” – Liong Lin Pei, Secondary 2

“It’s very weird to speak to your friends during online lessons. We had to speak one at a time. So when we are back in class, we can come together, learn and catch up.” – Priyah Shanmugaratnam, Secondary 2

 “I think it is good to be back so we can see our friends. Online classes have limitations. Here in class, we can discuss and contribute ideas together.” – Lukas Sim, Secondary 3

By Corinne Ang

Senior Educational Therapist, Speech and Drama Arts teacher