DAS Students Get Married!

Jeric and E-lynn were my students but in different classes. I had a make-up lesson for E-lynn’s class and invited Jeric’s class to join in. As fate would have it, Jeric attended.

It is my usual practice to encourage the students to exchange their contact numbers in hopes that they could maintain the friendship and give each other support. It was this golden advice that prompted Jeric to approach E-Lynn for her number and then and there they became good friends.

From friends to lovers and fast forward 12 years later, Jeric and E-lynn recently got married on 13 January 2018. We sincerely wish both of them an everlasting blissful marriage as they embark on a new journey together.

“Unknowingly, I played cupid to a pair of students in Bedok Learning Centre 12 years ago…”

Pictured above: (L to R) Yan Jun, Shenmee, Eugene (Jeric’s younger brother). Both Yan Jun and Eugene were Shenmee’s students too. Yan Jun and E-lynn were in the same class at DAS.

By Shenmee, Senior Educational Therapist, Bedok Learning Centre

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This story was published in FACETS, Vol 1. 2018