An article by Harsheeni Hanna Rajoo
Senior Educational Therapist

I am going to tell you a story. A new-age action story!  In this story, we have our protagonist En Qi, some gadgets and mind-blowing robot combat! Oh doesn’t it sound like a clip from Real Steel?  But only, this happened last October!

As a kid, En Qi has always been fascinated with how structures and things worked. An energetic child, she has surprised her mother in many occasions where she’d go to great lengths spending time reading the details of a manual teaching her how to put together constructions with patience. It gave her a great sense of triumph and contentment whenever she finished a project. If you find that amazing, she is also a self-taught animation enthusiast, a participant and silver award champ of the World Robots Game 2018, Philippines!

This October, as a seasoned Sumo 5 kg (Senior) robot builder and a line tracing racer medallist, En Qi had the excellent opportunity to represent Singapore with her team in the Philippines at the World Robots Games, and won in the Silver category in the Battleball Z (Autonomous /Remote Controlled) Zone, emerging 2nd amongst seven countries and 400 participants!

“You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated.”  – Maya Angelou

To top this all, En Qi scored a starry straight As for all her subjects at PSLE proving that patience through passion takes us places!

What our fellow dyslexic students or anyone faced with challenges can learn from En Qi is that identifying our strengths more than any weaknesses helps one fuel the passion to learn and persevere.

Congratulations to En Qi and her supportive family for embracing all that she is and creating the freedom for her to identify her strengths in her own unique way and inspiring us through that!

This article was published in FACETS Vol 3 2018

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