Marcus Aces his O Levels


I never really had a set target but once I began Sec 4 I knew I had to buck up, so I told myself that I need to practice more for the subjects I wasn’t so good at such as Humanities, English and Chemistry. And that helped since my other subjects such as Math, which I was quite strong at, so picking them back up wasn’t so difficult.

At the start of the year, my school had a goal setting session and I decided to make my goals for my worse subjects but then my teachers came to me and told me to set it higher since they knew that I could do better and throughout the year it was quite evident that I was capable of improving and meeting the goals that my teachers and I set.

My time management was never that great whenever I got home. I wouldn’t be able to study but instead I will just sit in front of the computer for the rest of the day but I knew I had to change so I started staying in school to study and do my homework and surprisingly it worked wonders for me. I got my work done and managed to study a little more.

My biggest challenge was the fact that I was terrible at Humanities and English. No matter how hard I tried I could never seem to improve, and the fact that I couldn’t handle stress didn’t help. But I managed to overcome the problems I had with Humanities with the help and support from my teachers and friends who were patient and willing to help me improve. And as for English, my DAS tutor, Mdm Bhavani helped me tremendously in all aspects of the exam and she even helped me to handle my stress better. In the end, all the help from friends, teachers and family, I managed to achieve what I never thought was possible! 10 points for my L1R5.

Marcus Tan

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This article was published in FACETS Vol 1 2018

By  Bhavani Jeganathan
Senior Educational Therapist and Specialist Teacher
DAS International Services  |