Wei Rui Looks to Long Term Goals

Our heartiest congratulations once again to DAS Alumni Ho Wei Rui.

He received 2 Book Prizes from:

1) SKF Asia Pacific prize, awarded on 5 July 2019.

2) LTA Book Prize, awarded on 6 August 2019.

Wei Rui has emerged top student once again for the second consecutive year in his cohort at the Singapore Polytechnic in the School of Engineering (Diploma in Systems Engineering).


Here is what Mrs Kathlyn Ho, Wei Rui’s mother had to say

“I believe it’s important that parents should let their children study what they are interested in then they will be less likely to be stressful and not drag themselves to school. Eventually, they will achieve what they want in life.”


Here is what Wei Rui had to say

“Having perseverance and a long term goal will give you successes”


By Karen Wong, Senior Educational Therapist, Bedok Learning Centre