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  • Assistant Director
  • RETA Fellow
  • Sengkang Learning Centre

Andy is the Manager for the Specialised Educational Services (SES) Division at DAS

Andy has been with DAS since 2012, providing intervention for learners with dyslexia on the Prep 2 PSLE (Preparation for English Paper 2 PSLE) and Main Literacy Programme (MLP). As a core team member of PREP 2 PSLE, Andy actively contributes to the curriculum expansion of the programme, conducts training for its teachers and provides evaluations to support their classroom practices. In addition, Andy has a keen interest in increasing public awareness and understanding of Dyslexia. His role as an awareness speaker has helped DAS in reaching out to various audience platforms – educators, parents, government agencies and the general public.

Andy believes in merging theoretical concepts and practices to create a curriculum and pedagogy that address the diverse learning needs of students with dyslexia. His postgraduate academic achievements include a Master of Education (Special Education) with the National Institute of Education, Singapore, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Specific Learning Differences from the University of South Wales. He is a member of the Register of Educational Therapists (Asia) and has represented the PREP 2 PSLE programme at conference presentations and workshops.


  • Master of Education (Special Education)
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Special Educational Needs
  • Bachelor of Communications (University of Newcastle)


  • RELC Conference 2017. Exploring the classroom practices of the English Exam Skills Programme for Singaporean primary school children.
  • UNITE SpLD Conference 2019. WORKSHOP PRESENTATION: Progress monitoring of dyslexic primary school learners enrolled in an English Exam Skills Programme.
  • RELC International Conference 2021. Progress monitoring of dyslexic primary school learners enrolled in an English Exam Skills Programme.


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