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  • DAS Academy Lecturer
  • Lead Educational Therapist
  • RETA Fellow
  • Tampines Learning Centre

Siti Asjamiah has been providing English literacy support to learners with dyslexia and specific learning differences (SpLDs) since 2012.

Apart from supporting students, she is also an Associate Lecturer at the DAS Academy, conducting workshops and courses catering to parents, educators and members of the public wishing to know more about specific learning differences and how to support learners. Throughout the years, she has been actively involved in developing curriculum and resources, as well as programme evaluation and research. Currently a Fellow with the Registrar of Educational Therapists (Asia), she strongly believes in the value of actively seeking opportunities to learn and self-reflect in order to facilitate continuous professional growth and better teaching practices. She hopes to continue motivating her students to constantly seek knowledge in their fields of interest and empower parents and those giving guidance to learners with SpLDs, with the relevant skills and practical strategies to support them effectively.

She is an Associate Lecturer at the DAS Academy in the following courses:

Specialist Diploma in Learning Support for Specific Learning Differences
– Understanding Dyslexia
– Dyslexia and Literacy Teaching
– Supporting SpLD Learners in English Exam Skills
– Teaching Morphology to SpLD Learners
– Supporting SpLD Learners in Advanced English Literacy


  • Master of Education in Curriculum and Teaching (NTU-NIE)
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Special Educational Needs (University of South Wales, UK)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education (University of Wales, UK)


  • Asjamiah, S. and Wang, A.  UNITE SpLD Conference 2019. PAPER PRESENTATION. Progress Monitoring of dyslexic primary school learners enrolled in an English Exam Skills Programme.
  • Asjamiah, S. and Leong, E. UNITE SpLD Conference 2017. PAPER PRESENTATION. Exploring the classroom practices of the English Exam Skills Programme for Singaporean primary school children.
  • Asjamiah, S. and Leong E. NIE Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference 2017. PAPER PRESENTATION. Using the Orton-Gillingham approach to prepare students with dyslexia for the English PSLE Paper.


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