Staff Directory


  • DAS International Senior Specialist Teacher
  • Senior Educational Therapist
  • RETA Fellow
  • Jurong Point Learning Centre
  • Parkway Parade Learning Centre
  • Rex House Learning Centre
  • Serangoon Learning Centre

Ms Gladys Wee joined the DAS in 2020 starting as a sessional teacher teaching group classes and shortly transitioned to Specialist Tutoring (1-on-1 teaching). She is passionate, professional and an accomplished teacher educating children from Kindergarten to Secondary levels. A sensitive and precise communicator, she uses her techniques and lesson plans to strike a balance between the child’s unique learning style, the required standards, and parental expectations. Ms Gladys incorporates enjoyable multi-sensory activities into her lessons to build rapport, increase retention, and keep her students engaged. She is dedicated to building reading and writing confidence as well as the positive personal growth of her students. She not only supports students on the Specialist Tutoring (one to one) programme, in 2021 she actively took part as a team member for our Spotlight on Specialist Teachers Webinar series in sharing her knowledge.


  • DAS Academy, Certificate in Understanding Speech, Language and Communication Needs. 2020
  • DAS, Postgraduate Certificate Course: Supporting SpLD Learners in English Language Exam Skills. 2020
  • DAS Academy, Certificate Course in Supporting SpLD Learners in English Language Exam Skills, 2020
  • SSI, Certificate of Achievement
  • Classroom Behaviour Management, 2018
  • Orton-Gillingham, Certificate of Completion, 2002
  • Alliance Francaise – 2nd degree, 1981

“Children are like diamonds with many facets, whichever way you look at them – they are beautiful”
– Gladys Wee-Bourne