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  • RETA Advisor
  • Jurong Point Learning Centre

Advisor, Register of Educational Therapists (Asia), APJDD Editor-in-Chief, Dyslexia Association of Singapore and DAS Academy Academic & Examination Board Member

Angela is a leading international researcher into dyslexia and other learning differences, with a range of theoretical and applied contributions. Angela is now an Emeritus Professor at Swansea University, following her retirement in January 2011 and also holds an honorary professorship at Sheffield University. She was awarded a 2-year Leverhulme Emeritus fellowship until September 2013, to complete her research projects in Wales. She is one of the co-authors of the Dyslexia Screening Test (DST) and her recent visit to India in July 2012 to lecture at the World Education Summit generated 45 articles in the press on the launch of the DST-J India.

DAS APJDD Editor-in-Chief

Angela is Editor in Chief for the Asia Pacific Journal of Developmental Differences (APJDD) a peer-reviewed journal published by DAS.  In this role Angela is responsible for managing the Editorial and Scientific Review Boards, selecting and recommending journal articles for publication.  Angela reviews article content and makes recommendations for edits as well as selects members of the editorial board for peer review.  She writes a forward for each issue and liaises with the Managing Editor for the publication of the Journal.

DAS Academic & Examination Board Member

Angela is on the boards of the DAS Academy and Exam Board where she provides advice in pedagogical and course quality assurance.  Angela attends all board meetings.

Advisor, Register of Educational Therapists (Asia)

Angela guides and supports the development of the Register of Educational Therapists (Asia) through timely advice on the enhancement of the register, approval of applications and participation in RETA events.