How are we different?

The main literacy programme (mlp) is delivered using the orton-gillingham (og) approach

Lessons are taught in accordance with the Orton-Gillingham principles:

  • Emotionally sound – Lessons tailored to students’ abilities
  • Structured, sequential and cumulative – Concepts are broken down into smaller parts & taught one at a time, progressively & cumulatively
  • Direct and Explicit – Instructions, objectives and activities are explicit
  • Simultaneously Multisensory – Ensure multiple pathways to learning (Gillingham & Stillman, 1997)
  • Cognitive Approach – Students understand why each concept is taught
The main literacy programme (mlp) has been audited by the ministry of education singapore

“Services offered under MOE-aided das Literacy Programme* are appropriate, and remain highly relevant in providing additional literacy support for students with dyslexia” – MOE 2015 Audit
* The MOE-aided das Literacy Programme is now known as the das Main Literacy Programme (MLP).
das Programmes are evaluated and published in the das Handbook. To read these reports click here.

das bursaries – financial support for students with dyslexia

das believes that no child should be left behind because he or she cannot afford the cost of a das education. The provision of bursaries is critical as it levels the playing field for children with dyslexia from lower families. das and MOE provide financial assistance in the form of bursaries to Singapore students, or to students who have at least one parent who is a Singaporean.

The student must also be attending a MOE mainstream school between Primary One (1) and Secondary Five (5).