Speech-Language Therapy classes moving online

COVID-19 ADVISORY 23 – Speech and Language Therapy


Dear Parents,

DAS places a heavy emphasis on the safety of the children we serve. During this period, we have been in touch with the relevant agencies on best practice guidelines for the safe conduct of the speech-language therapy sessions.

When the situation has permitted it, we have returned to in-person face-to-face therapy. However, these are exceptional times and the importance of continuing life, work and therapy via alternative approaches, especially online platforms, have become a necessity.

In line with a recent communication from the Ministry of Health (MOH), DAS has decided that our speech-language therapists will switch all in-person face-to-face therapy sessions for children to the online mode, i.e. telepractice.

The switch to the online mode of therapy will be effective from 27 September 2021 to 10 October 2021 (inclusive).

In exceptional situations should your child be unsuitable for online sessions, the speech-language therapy sessions will be suspended temporarily. Your child’s Speech and Language Therapist will be in touch when in-person face-to-face sessions are allowed again to discuss arrangements regarding these missed sessions.

We know that there have been numerous changes over the past year as we continually try to balance the need for compliance to safety management measures and government advisories with doing what is best for your child.

We seek and appreciate your understanding in the matter and look forward to working with your child online until we are advised that we can revert to in-person face-to-face therapy sessions once more in the future.

Stay safe and healthy.

Warm regards,


Edmen Leong
Director, Specialised Educational Services
Dyslexia Association of Singapore