Preschool classes to go Online

COVID-19 ADVISORY 23 – Preschool moving to ONLINE


Dear Parents,

You will have read about the increase in COVID-19 cases recently and on 24 September 2021, the multi-task ministry has announced new safe management measures and for these new restrictions to be effective from 27 September 2021 to 10 October. In line with these developments and with consideration for the safety of our young students, DAS has decided that all our DAS preschool classes will be going online effective 27 September 2021. We seek your understanding and co-operation as we do our part to slow down community transmissions within our community.

As classes go online, DAS is offering Home-Based Learning (HBL) so that we can continue to serve the children with early literacy learning needs. We urge all parents to work with us so that your child’s learning can continue. DAS Home-Based Learning will comprise of two components:

  1. Online Learning (OnL) and
  2. Take-Home Learning Pack (THLP) for all our preschool classes.

The duration of the online lesson will be for 1 hour 15 minutes, this may be longer or shorter depending on your child’s attention span for online lessons. Rest assured that we will work closely with you and your child to offer the most beneficial home-based learning support plan.

During online learning, it is necessary to have stable internet connection, a working laptop, and headphones. If you do not have WIFI access or a laptop, please inform us. We will look at alternative arrangements that may support you during this time.

Your child will require adult supervision during the lesson, especially as your child gets familiar with the lesson and for technical assistance. If you are receiving financial assistance from DAS, do take note that attendance is compulsory unless there is a valid reason. Attendance for each lesson will only be marked for students who complete their home-based learning package.

Do take note that the default arrangement for classes continue to remain face-to-face this weekend (25 and 26 September 2021). If you are concerned and would like for classes to go online earlier, please communicate with your pre-school educational therapist to see if this is possible in view of the short notice. The decision will also depend on the other students in the same class. We seek your patience and understanding in giving us some time to accommodate to the new measures as you make your requests.

If you have any clarification, please contact your preschool educational therapist or the learning centre for support and advice.



Edmen Leong
Director, Specialised Educational Services
Dyslexia Association of Singapore