Pelajar disleksia boleh cemerlang, tubuh niaga bantu suri rumah, warga emas Dyslexic student continues to excel; started a business to help housewives and the elderly

Media: Berita Harian


Date: 10 Sep 2023

Meet Nuryanee, an inspiring alumnus of DAS, and learn about her journey of triumph over dyslexia. Additionally, discover how the CEO of Commonhers is making a positive impact by assisting senior citizens in the community. Read the full article to find out how Nuryanee’s determination and the efforts of Commhers are changing lives.

FOR CHARITY: Two fashion accessories that Cik Nuryanee Anisah Mohamed Noor designed and sewed using leftover fabric were bought for $600 at the Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS) charity event in August. – DAS photo