New Student Enrolment to Main Literacy Programme

COVID-19 ADVISORY 7 – New Student Enrolment to Main Literacy Programme

The Main Literacy Programme (MLP) has been delivering online lessons for all its students since the 23 March. We are proud to say that our MLP parents, students, and educators have worked together to ensure that learning continues at the highest level – so well done to everyone!

We have been working hard to not delay the intervention for your child and we are now confident that new students can commence with e-learning classes on MLP. If you have applied to enrol your child in MLP, our centre managers will be contacting you to check on your interest to begin lessons.

We understand that you may have some questions. We have put together an orientation pack for you which includes a short instructional video on online learning with MLP.

You may contact our customer service officers between 9:00 to 5.30pm, Mon to Sat on our DAS Hotline @ 6444 5700 to find out more.

We look forward to building new relationships with you.

Stay safe and healthy!

Yours sincerely,

Geetha Shantha Ram
Director, SpLD Assessment Services, English Language and Literacy Division &
Staff Professional Development
Dyslexia Association of Singapore