HAZE Management

6 October 2023

Dear Parents,


With MOE’s recent announcement on Haze Management Measures (HMM), please be advised that DAS centres are fully airconditioned and all classes are conducted indoors. Students’ well-being remains a key priority, and our Educational Therapists will be on the lookout for students who are unwell. Parents should ensure that your children have their medication, such as inhalers for asthma, with them, or arrange to care for them at home if they are unwell.

In the event of school closures as announced by MOE, all DAS classes will be conducted online to reduce the need for parents, caregivers and students to commute to DAS centres. We seek parents’ understanding that relatively short notice could be given for this switch. We encourage parents to make care arrangements in advance for such an eventuality. Parents who are unable to make alternative arrangements may continue to send their children to their DAS centre for their scheduled classes, and their educational therapists will continue to support them.

We thank you for your understanding and support! We will work together to ensure that our students get the support they need. Please do not hesitate to contact your learning centre should you have any queries.


Warm regards,

Lee Siang
Chief Executive Officer

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