Dear DAS Parents,


You will, of course, be aware that MOE has decided to bring forward the mid-year school holidays to start from 5 May.


After careful consideration including obtaining feedback from a sample of parents and consulting with MOE, DAS has decided to continue with the original MOE school term dates, which means we will continue teaching until 31 May 2020 and there will be a DAS break in teaching in June. We will resume teaching Term 3 on 29 June 2020. We will also teach during the new mid-Term break from 20 to 26 July.

We are aware some parents will prefer we followed the new MOE school term dates so I would like to share why DAS has chosen to continue with the original school term dates.

  • The longer-term implications weighed heavy on our minds. DAS is committed to conducting classes for the remaining 14 weeks of Term 2 and Term 3. Following the new MOE school term dates would have resulted in a stretch of 14 or 15 weeks of teaching in the extended Term 3 (when you include make-up classes) followed quickly by another 10 weeks in Term 4. This would be very demanding for both teachers and students.In the Press Release above, MOE stated that: “… lessons will resume on 2 June 2020 (more details on the format of these lessons – physical classes, partial HBL or full HBL – will be released at a later date depending on the national posture at that time).”MOE’s consideration when they first requested DAS to switch to Home-Based Learning (HBL) in Term 2 Week 1 (23 March) was to avoid children from different schools coming together for their DAS classes. This consideration may likely still be present when school reopens in June. There is, therefore, the possibility that DAS will still have to conduct classes via HBL in June.
  • With consideration for the immediate impact to learning for students, DAS notes that it will be disruptive if our classes end abruptly after 4 May which is just over a week away. Many of our teachers have expressed that they and their students have become much more adept with online teaching and feel it will be a pity to break the momentum of learning. Additionally, there will be much re-learning necessary if we were to break and re-start classes in June.
  • Parents have informed DAS that with the school holiday in May, their child will not be overwhelmed by having to attend both the school and DAS HBL. As they will be at home in May, parents will be better able to help their children with DAS HBL. More students will also have devices because their parents are around. The family will be staying at home during the May school holidays anyway and parents have shared that some educational engagement during this period would be welcomed.
  • DAS teachers have given feedback that with the standard 10-week term, they will be better able to provide regular feedback to parents with regard to their child’s progress.

We are aware that some children continue to not have devices and we are reaching out to them with Home Learning Packs so that they continue to receive support.

We assure parents that DAS staff will continue to do our very best to ensure that our students benefit to the best of our ability in these difficult times. We thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely

Lee Siang
Chief Executive Officer
Dyslexia Association of Singapore

25 April 2020

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