Agility and resilience to hurdle ahead

Media: The Business Times


Date: 24 May 2021

How should businesses plan for recurring Covid-19 clampdowns in response to new waves of infection?

It is no longer a case of coping with the Covid-19 virus, but planning to deliver the best to stakeholders whenever a clampdown occurs. Businesses must continue to strengthen their technology infrastructure to enable operations to switch seamlessly between in-person and online activities or move fully online at any time. Efforts to increase collaboration, especially in sharing resources, knowledge and learnings, must also remain. It is also important to continue fostering an innovative culture to produce new tools and solutions to address new challenges. These approaches have prepared the Dyslexia Association of Singapore to help more than 3,000 students in our 14 learning centres transit from in-person to online classes during last year’s circuit breaker as well as from May 17, 2021. It has also enabled us to not just move our major annual activities online over the past year, but increased the number of attendees.