17 May to 13 June Operations – Heightened Alert

COVID-19 ADVISORY 16 – 17 May to 13 June Operations – Heightened Alert

Dear Parents,

The Ministry of Education (MOE) has made an announcement that centre-based learning will go online from 17 May. (https://www.moe.gov.sg/news/press-releases/20210514-stepping-up-safemanagement-measures–in-schools-and-institutes-of-higher-learning). This situation is not new to us and we successfully completed online learning in the circuit breaker period in 2020 with incredible support from parents and hard work from students. Learning online was effective and we are sure this will occur again during this period.

As a result of the MOE advice to DAS, we would like to advise you of our altered operations from Monday 17 May:

Assessment Services

SpLD Assessment Services will pause operations from 17 May until further notice. DAS will be contacting all clients who are affected.

Education Services

All classes will go online from Monday 17 May until the end of Term 2, 30 May. As experienced in 2020, if students are unable to access online classes because they do not have a device, Take Home Learning Packs (THLP) will be provided to them.

All preschoolers will continue with online classes from 17 May. In 2020, we piloted a remarkably successful model for their 2 hr classes which comprised a mixture of online lessons supported by THLPs and this will be provided again.

Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) students who can benefit from online classes will move online.

All activities during the June school holidays will be moved online if possible. If we are unable to move them online, they will be postponed. Parents will be contacted about the workshops that are affected.

DAS International’s One to One Specialist Tutoring will also be delivered online.

Support for Online Learning

For parents of students on bursaries whose child does not have access to devices to undertake online learning classes, please reach out to DAS if you need support in this. We request your understanding that available devices are limited.

Once again, we will work together to ensure that our students get the educational support that they need. Singapore and DAS have been here before and we are much more prepared today to weather this. We did not let COVID-19 stop us from continuing with our lives and our work for our clients in 2020 and we will not let it stop us now. Our students, with your tremendous support, have also shown immense resilience and continued to learn. COVID-19 will therefore also not stop us in 2021. Stay vigilant, stay safe and continue to live and learn!

Yours sincerely,


Lee Siang
Chief Executive Officer
Dyslexia Association of Singapore