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DAY 55 – Epic Pen #CircuitBreaker #EmbraceDyslexia


Epic Pen – Annotation Has Never Been Easier!

What is it?

Have you been in a situation where you just needed to draw an arrow to something on your screen but you had to take a screenshot and export the image to an image-editing software just to add/draw the arrow?

Epic Pen is an easy-to-use and one of the simplest annotation tools available for free (there’s a premium plan too but the free plan seems to meet most immediate needs!) Now that most of us are either working or learning from home, the act of literally pointing to something on your screen may not be possible.

With Epic Pen, you can draw, write and highlight directly over most Windows desktop applications, including presentation software, webpages, videos, creative studios and even games. So if you need to annotate something, either to explain yourself better, or to get help to troubleshoot, or to even make quick marking / notes, Epic Pen can be the tool you can turn to!

Where is it available?

Epic Pen is available for download at :

However, it is currently available only for Windows OS.

How does it benefit me?

Easy to use

Simple interface with a clean visual style and no confusing buttons or options. Epic Pen for PC is for everyone! Even for young learners, this annotation tool is easy to use!


Tiny lightweight installer with no hidden junk, perfect for businesses and academic computers.

Easy navigation

Once you’ve made an edit to the screen you can easily return to your desktop.

Touch-screen compatible

The ultimate companion for touch-enabled devices including interactive whiteboards and Windows tablets.


Creative annotations (colours, drawings, doodles) may help learners to make learning personal too!


By Soofrina Mubarak
Educational Therapist & EdTech Coordinator
Rex House Learning Centre

DAS English Language & Literacy Division

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