DAS Research

IDA Conference 2021

Taking Structured Literacy Online

Soofrina Mubarak
Lead Educational Therapist &
EduTech Coordinator
Dyslexia Association of Singapore


Structured Literacy Intervention: What Is It?

Structured Literacy Instruction (SLI) enables students to decode words in an explicit and systematic manner. This approach not only helps students with dyslexia, but there is substantial evidence that it is effective for all readers in general. Dyslexia is a neurobiological learning disability that is characterized by difficulties with word recognition, poor spelling, and minimal decoding abilities. Typically, students with dyslexia have difficulties in these areas due to a deficit in the phonological component of language. SLIs are therefore appropriate for students with dyslexia because SLIs focus on the decoding skills that these students need to succeed in reading in a highly systematic way.