DAS Research

IDA Conference 2014

Effects of the Manipulation of English and Chinese Text on Reading Performance in Students with Dyslexia

Lois Lim

Fong Pei Yi

• Explore the effects of the manipulation of English text features on reading performance in students with dyslexia, and if this carries over to Chinese.
• Inform educators and add to literature on the effects of text manipulation on reading performance in students with dyslexia.

Chinese Language Support for Dyslexic Children in Singapore

Priscillia Shen

Liu Yimei

Kong Yun Rui

The study is a follow-up from the previous research “Dyslexia and the Chinese Language in Singapore” presented at the IDA Conference in 2013. In its attempt to develop a remediation programme that caters to the unique difficulties children with dyslexia face in Singapore, the DAS Chinese Project Team has put in much research and development effort to have better understanding of how our students learn Chinese as a second language. The DAS Chinese remediation programme was rolled out in the beginning of 2013, based on the findings of the previous research in 2011. The current phase of research is to evaluate the effectiveness of this programme, using the revised Battery of Chinese Literacy Tests developed for the previous phase in 2011. Findings of this evaluation study have shown significant improvements in overall Chinese literacy skills, especially in the areas of orthographic awareness, reading and morphological awareness.