Ben’s Journey Part 4

A Case Study of a child who learns differently*

* Ben’s Journey is based on a true story, we will be following Ben’s progress .


Discover how DAS supports struggling learners like Ben, who may not have a dyslexia diagnosis but face unique learning challenges. With programmes and a commitment to helping every learner thrive, DAS is transforming the way we understand and support students who learn differently.


Ben’s Progress and Educational Future

Ben’s journey continues with noticeable progress both at home and in school. Though his learning difference is lifelong, with the right strategies and support, Ben is making strides in his educational journey.

School Progress

Ben’s teachers have observed positive changes since implementing the recommended strategies. With closer proximity to the board, extended time for instructions, and multisensory teaching approaches, Ben’s engagement and understanding in class have notably improved. Teachers have noticed better participation and an increasing willingness to tackle tasks, especially writing.

At Home

Ben’s parents have implemented a structured study routine so that Ben can feel more organised. As a result, he is growing more confident in managing his homework.  With a structure in place, his parents have noticed he is taking a more positive approach to his learning and is showing greater motivation and less frustration
with tasks.

Ben wrote a thank you letter to his mother at school recently.

Chocolate + Avater (Avatar) + me = MAMA!

Dear, Mama

Thank you for helping me when I srugal (struggle) and thank you for suporting (supporting) me a long the way

Future Outlook

It’s essential to acknowledge that having a learning difference means Ben’s journey will have ongoing challenges. However, with consistent support, Ben is learning essential study habits and strategies that will aid him in navigating these challenges more effectively. The goal is to equip Ben with the tools to enhance his learning and confidence, fostering his success not only in academics but also in life.