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  • Educational Therapist
  • RETA Member
  • Parkway Parade Learning Centre

Tong Yuet Yi joined the Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS) in 2020 as an Educational Therapist providing Chinese language intervention to primary school learners with dyslexia and other Specific Learning Differences. Before joining DAS, Yuet Yi was an editor of Chinese textbooks for primary school and secondary school students. She is also a writer of early childhood Chinese educational books. Her publications include books on word recognition and Chinese comprehension and supplementary exercise books for Nursery to K2 children. Yuet Yi has a passion for arousing the interest of her students to read and write Chinese with a learner-friendly approach through the story of Chinese characters and hands-on learning material.



  • Bachelor of Social Science (Sociology), Minor in Translation, Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Advanced Diploma in Chinese Language Teaching, KLC School of Education
  • Specialist Diploma in Educational Therapy (Chinese Support), DAS Academy




1. “My K2 Chinese Jumbo Book” (Revised Edition)

2. “My K1 Chinese Jumbo Book” (Revised Edition)

3. “My Nursery Chinese Jumbo Book” (Revised Edition)

4. “Bridging K2 to Primary – Word Recognition”

5. “Bridging K2 to Primary – Chinese Comprehension”