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  • Learning Centre Support Manager
  • Tampines Learning Centre

Jolin Goh is a Senior Manager and the Centre Manager at DAS Tampines Learning Centre and a DAS Awareness Talk Speaker to schools & organisations. She was a recipient of the MOE Scholarship and graduated with a BA in Early Childhood Education with Management (Honours). She was a veteran Preschool Principal for more than 10 years. Today, Jolin’s purpose and passion lie in helping People with Dyslexia and Other Specific Learning Differences Achieve.

Since joining DAS in 2014, she is deeply inspired by the dedicated team of Educational Therapists and support staff for their tireless efforts to support struggling learners and their families.

Jolin endeavours to reach out to more students diagnosed with dyslexia so that they can access DAS remediation and education services so they can cope with Reading, Writing and Spelling.  She aims to reach out to the community and raise awareness about Dyslexia in the hope to reduce stigma and ensure the community embraces learning differences.


  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Early Childhood Education with Management

In diversity there is beauty and there is strength.

– Maya Angelou