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Oral Exam Skills 01 min

The Oral Exams STP is designed to prepare students for the two components of the PSLE English Oral Examination - Reading Aloud and Stimulus - based Conversation. The programme aims to equip students with the necessary skills and strategies that will enable them to read with good pronunciation, articulation and appropriate intonation to convey information in the reading passage. It also aims to provide students with exposure and practice in giving personal response while engaging in a meaningful conversation based on a topic or visual stimulus given.


  • To give students an insight into the oral examination format and its requirements
  • To provide a platform for students to build their confidence in communication skills through vocabulary expansion, content knowledge and expressive language


An assessment will be done during the first and last week of the programme. The first 3 weeks after assessment will be dedicated to the teaching of skills and strategies for the Reading Aloud component and the following 5 weeks will be spent on equipping students with content knowledge and vocabulary for Stimulus- based Conversation. Each week, students will also learn tips on coping with oral exam anxiety.

What will students learn in the Oral Exams STP?

  • Exercises and tips on overcoming oral exam anxiety
  • Components and examination syllabus
  • Tips and reading practices for Reading Aloud component
  • Tips and discussion content for Stimulus-Based Conversation component


Short Term Programme Details


Open to: Primary 5 and 6 Standard and Foundation students
Course Fee (10 sessions): $560
Class Capacity: 4-6 students per class

There will only be 1 class available for Term 2

Date: 26 March - 28 May
Day: Every Tuesday
Time: 5.30 pm - 6.30 pm
Cost: $560.00

Bursary is available for Short Term Programmes for both DAS and non-DAS students with a diagnosis of dyslexia

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