DAS Short Term Programmes (STPs) are designed to provide students with skills, strategies and exposure to various subject matters or topics that will enhance their preparedness and confidence in their school work and unleash their talents in the areas of their interest. Each STP would focus on a specific subject content. The STPs would run for at least 10 hours over a term or during the June or December school holidays.
How are Short Term Programmes different from the standard programmes offered e.g. English Exam Skills, Speech and Drama Arts etc?
The standard programmes offered cater to the long term needs of our students. These help to progressively build our student’s foundation in literacy, numeracy, exams skills and other needs. The Short Term Programmes (STP) are short term courses designed to cater to the specific needs or topics our students typically would struggle with.
How big is the STP class size?
Each STP class is catered to 6-8 students to ensure that teachers are able to attend to the individual needs of students. This is particularly important for struggling learners.
Is my child/ student entitled for bursary?
Unfortunately, we are currently not able to provide bursaries for STPs. We are however looking at providing bursaries for STPs in the near future.
Can my child join a Short Term Programme in the middle of the term?
No. The skills taught in each STP are cumulative, so if students join the programme mid- term, they will not be able to catch up with concepts and topics taught during the first few weeks.
How can I register my child for a Short Term Programme?
Links are available on the description page for each STP for online application. Alternatively, you can register at any DAS Learning Centre.