Speech and Drama Arts

Wishing that your child would just speak up a bit more?  Or that he or she would be more confident about themselves?  We want to help your child to develop communication, language and social-emotional skills through highly interactive and engaging drama activities.  We want to provide our students with active learning experiences to empower them to express ideas and thoughts without inhibition.

Our Speech and Drama Arts Programme aims to provide an outlet specifically for students with dyslexia to express themselves, their inner feelings and emotions and to demonstrate their talents in a fun and artistic way.  The curriculum and pedagogy allow for our students to improve their talents in a fun and artistic way.



The aim of the SES Speech and Drama Arts Programme is to develop literacy skills, communication and presentation skills and boost the self-esteem of learners with dyslexia.  Drama helps to improve listening and concentration skills and allows for personal growth, encouraging teamwork, developing problem-solving and decision-making abilities. Drama can be that powerful tool to help students with learning differences.


The Speech and Drama Arts Programme is supported by the Singapore Cruise Centre. Click here to learn more.

Our Approach

Using drama activities, students have the opportunity to enhance their persuasiveness and confidence in communication. Students are given the freedom to express themselves freely, using their imagination and creativity. Other vital communication skills that are fostered in the class setting includes listening and concentration. Activities ranging from role-playing to stage performances require students to understand the fundamentals of stage directions, character dialogues, music and light cues. To stage a production necessitates the child to understand and interpret the script, process the script in-depth. This allows them to work on the working memory and processing speed. Class sizes are kept to a maximum of 10 students per class and are conducted once a week in a 1.5-hour session.

The programme consists of different modules catering to different age groups:

  • Creative Drama Programme
  • Literacy through Drama Programme

At the end of each module, parents will be invited to watch the progress of their children. This will also help in giving our students the experience and exposure of performance making. A certificate of participation and progress report will be given to students upon completion of each module.

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Recommended for

Students with low self-esteem or low self-confidence, students who have difficulties expressing themselves as well as students who enjoy drama.

Entry Criteria

All primary school students are welcome to enrol.

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Specialised Educational Services (SES) is a division of the Dyslexia Association of Singapore. SES programmes are tailored to fit the learning needs of students with a learning difference.

SES Programmes are NOT funded by the Ministry of Education (MOE), the MOE only supply a grant for the DAS Main Literacy Programme (MLP).  

SDA PRODUCTION 2017 - 21 November 2017

Journey of the Legends is a theatrical production featuring myths and epics from the Malay, Indian and Chinese culture. Students from the DAS Speech and Drama Arts programme have worked hard to portray characters from these stories, such memorising scripts and bringing the characters to life.

Check out our Facebook page for photos of the production!



Fees (Speech and Drama Arts)


  Singapore Citizen   Singapore PR and
International Student
  Per Hour Per Term Per Hour Per Term
Speech and Drama Arts Programme $22.50 $337.50 $24.75 $371.25

Fees are inclusive of GST.
With effect from 01 January 2019


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Speech and Drama Arts is supported by Care & Share. Click here to learn about Speech and Drama Arts.

Registration for Speech and Drama Arts Classes are open now! 

The programme consists of different modules catering to different age groups:

  • Creative Drama Programme
  • Literacy through Drama Programme


To register, please call 6444 5700 or email ses@das.org.sg

Creative T4 01 min Literacy T4 01 min



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