The DAS Preschool Team conducts Ad-Hoc and Public Early Literacy Screening throughout the year. The preschool screening aims to identify Kindergarten One and Two preschoolers experiencing challenges with early literacy, such as pre-reading , pre-spelling and early writing skills. Our Preschool Educational Therapist will conduct a quick 15 minutes of early literacy screening with your child. Next, our Educational Therapist will collect additional background information about the child’s literacy and developmental background and share their findings with parents. Finally, they will advise how our early literacy will benefit your child and the literacy components that our therapists will work on once the child is placed into the programme.

This is not a dyslexia screening or assessment, please take note the early literacy screening looks into a child’s literacy profile to identify literacy weaknesses and from there advises if a child will require additional literacy support.

The screening is not a dyslexia diagnosis but it will give you information of your child’s literacy learning needs. Eligibility for assessment is dependent on your child’s age and educational background. For more details on psychological assessments, click here.


Does your child experience any of the following?


Alphabet Knowledge

Difficulty learning the letters or remembering the letters taught.

Recognises some letters but not most.

Writing the letters is laborious and may not remember how to write the strokes of most letters. Numerous consistent, Letter and number reversals

Phonological Awareness  Has not been able to acquire skills in identifying rhyming words, count syllables in words, match letter sound to letters, join or separate  letter sounds in 3-letter words  i.e.  c-a-t
Word Recognition 

Does not recognise high-frequency words despite being taught such as I, a, my, the

Difficulty with Learning Tasks 

Remembering concepts taught

Take a long time to recall concepts taught

Frequent task avoidance

Emotional meltdowns during learning tasks

Dyslexia Checklist for Preschoolers

If more than 4 of the boxes are ticked, your preschooler is recommended to come for the free online screening to assess their learning differences.

Does your preschooler experience any of these challenges?

  • Was a late talker
  • Recognising the letters (ABCs)
  • Not able to write own name yet
  • Sequencing difficulties for letters (ABC not ACB)
  • Not able to read some sight words yet (I, the, my)
  • Challenges with writing letters and numbers
  • Takes a long time or unable to recall concepts taught
  • Does not know most of the letter sounds
  • Not able to join sounds in words to read yet
  • Difficulty identifying sounds in words to spell
  • Needs extensive guidance to complete learning tasks
  • Requires multiple reminders for attention and staying on task


Recommended for

Preschoolers in Kindergarten one or two who are experiencing persistent learning difficulties with early reading, spelling and/or writing.


*To register for a screening, call 6444 5700 (Mon - Fri, 9am to 5.30pm)

Screening Type - Preschool (Estimated 45 minutes including concluding of results with parents)

31 May 2022, Tuesday

Online - via Google Meet


Between 9.30am - 2.30pm

Materials Needed

1) Laptop/electronic device to assess Google meet for screening
2) Stable Wi-Fi connection
3) Microphone and webcam on the electronic device

To register for the screening, please call 6444 5700 (Mon to Fri – excluding public holidays, 9.00 am to 5.00 pm), no walk-in slots will be available. Our customer service staff will advice you on the next available screening slot.

Do contact 6444 5700 for more information.


Call 6444 5700 for more info and schedule an appointment with us now!

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