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To register, call 6444 5700 (Mon - Fri, 9am to 5.30pm)

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Our free screenings are used to determine student’s at-risk level of dyslexia. Each screening only takes fifteen minutes and results are available almost immediately. They are then summarised in a simple print-out which indicates the probability of the child having dyslexia. These results will give parents a better understanding of the child’s strength and weakness before enrolling the student in our specialised programmes.


The preschool public screening aims to identify Kindergarten One and Two preschoolers having difficulties with reading, writing and spelling or literacy delay.

Our Preschool Educational Therapist will conduct a quick 15 minutes early literacy screening with your child.

Next, our Educational Therapist will collect additional background information about child’s literacy and developmental background and share their findings with parents. 

Finally, they will advise how our early literacy intervention will benefit your child and the literacy components that our therapists will work on once the child is placed into the programme. 


We conduct screenings to determine a child's probability of having dyslexia. If your child has difficulties in reading/spelling, you may send your child down for our screening. Primary school students take a short computerised test which is presented in a fun, game format.

Please note that while the screening for primary levels is free of charge. Please also be informed that the screening tests will only provide a probability/risk of dyslexia. Further investigation via a full psychological assessment will be required before a diagnosis can be made.  


Secondary school students will do selected reading and spelling tests. At the end of the screening, you will know how likely your child has dyslexia. Together, we will discuss your child's needs, and recommend if your child should undergo a full psychological assessment. 

The screening for secondary levels is charged at $60 per student. This can be used to offset to the full psychological assessment fee.


To register for screening, please call 6444 5700 (Mon - Fri, 9am to 5.30pm)

 Mass Screening 4Jan

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