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Who We Teach

Who We Teach

The Dyslexia Association of Singapore helps students who are:

  • Primary one to Secondary 5
  • Diagnosed with dyslexia


We also help adults who struggle with literacy.


DAS offers programmes to support children from preschool to secondary school.  Our Main Literacy Programme (MLP) provides a comprehensive and quality curriculum to support students with dyslexia facing literacy challenges.  The literacy programme integrates key essential learning components that are crucial in remediating students with learning differences.


Our preschool programme is offered to children in K1 and K2 and is designed to provide individual attention to young learners who are struggling with early literacy.  The programme is structured, cumulative and sequential that is multi-sensory. To find out more about the Preschool Programme, click here.


Our Main Literacy Programme (MLP) is designed for the dyslexic learner.  MOE funds this programme and in the 2015 audit stated, “Services offered under MOE-aided DAS Literacy Programme* are appropriate, and remain highly relevant in providing additional literacy support for students with dyslexia”. 

DAS provides support for SECONDARY SCHOOL students under our main literacy programme and is highly relevant to their academic achievement.  The main literacy programme is comprehensive and detailed so support students with literacy needs till Secondary 5.  Increasingly DAS, will endeavour to support secondary students under our other programmes.  To find out more about the programme click here

DAS also provides other programmes to assist PRIMARY SCHOOL students in their learning.  Programmes offered in small group settings are:

  • Chinese
  • English Exam Skills
  • Maths
  • Speech and Drama
  • Speech and Language Therapy

To find out more about the other programmes we provide, click here

* The MOE-aided DAS Literacy Programme is now known as the Main Literacy Programme. 


DAS has designed a curriculum specifically to help students manage and deal with difficulties associated with their transition from secondary to tertiary institutions (ITE/Polytechnic/JC). These areas may include (depending on their needs) teaching them strategies on how to manage writing at the tertiary level or teaching them study skills strategies to make them more effective learners.


Adults seeking support are welcome to discuss their concerns with us individually.  We are able to provide assessment and consultations services at DAS.  DAS International can also provide other one-to-one services depending on your needs.


DAS International provides specialist tutoring services for students from preschool to adult and is a one-to-one tutoring service that is skills focused tailored to meet the needs of students with specific learning differences.  Specialist Tutoring may include individual curriculum support, study skills and exam preparation and other specific areas where you feel additional support is required.  To find out more about Specialist Tutoring offered by DAS International click here

MOE Grant

Subsidised fees are available, under MLP, for children who meet the following criteria:

● Have a diagnosis of dyslexia AND

● Are Singaporean or have at least one Singaporean parent AND

● are currently attending a Ministry of Education (MOE) Primary or Secondary school.

Students diagnosed with dyslexia, are Singaporean and are studying in MOE schools are able to access funding from the MOE.

To find out more about the MOE grant click here.