DAS receives numerous feedback from parents and students regularly. Here are some highlights for our programmes. 

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We are grateful to parents for trusting us with your child's education.


The DAS Math Programme has met my expectations in building a firm foundation for my son. The programme is able to simplify and using more hands-on approach to make mathematical concepts concrete for the children to understand. The worksheets are also not intimidating for him and he enjoys attending the classes. Ms Albel is also extremely patient and understanding to empathise the kids' challenges and difficulty in grasping the computation and perception. Thank you.  It will be ideal if there's a programme for Secondary School. 

- Parent, Maths Programme, November 2014
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Hi Teacher's Kavitha,
I have shared this with Teacher's Annie of her great recommendation to sign D* for your English Exam Skill.   I am very grateful that you have been motivated D* and built his self-esteem since our last teachers-parents conference. We all, including his English teacher are proud about him by improving by 20+ marks. 

- Parent, English Exam Skills Programme, April 2016
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N* and E* both had such an enriching experience this year. I’ve seen Evan change from a shy and passive boy to a more confident and sporting boy who is not stage shy! Thank you especially for believing in N* and encouraging him to conquer so many lines! He just loves drama now and we are so absolutely delighted by his developing abilities too. 

- Parent, Speech and Drama Arts Programme, November 2017
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I find studying in DAS is interesting because I learnt a lot of new words and was taught how to spell them. The teachers have been kind to me. The teachers are: - Ms Zaiton Bakir, Mr Roslan Saad and Ms Rosalyn. They all have made a difference in my life from the day of my first lesson in DAS and until this day.

- 2014 Graduate – JPT – Sec 4 NT Student
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I am fortunate to be taught by DAS teachers who have given me advice to make me who I am today. Thank you teachers and friends for creating a great experience for me during my 5 years in DAS!

- 2017 Graduate – Sec 4 NT Student
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Since Primary 2, I have been attending twice weekly lessons at the Bishan DAS. The teachers are very kind and encouraging. Over the years, they have helped me with my phonics and pronunciations. They have even helped me to improve my writing and comprehension skills.  I would to thank you DAS and their teachers for making a difference in my language acquisition.

- 2017 Graduate – Sec 4 NT Student
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I have been in DAS for seven and a half years. Ever since I joined DAS, I have seen improvement in my studies. DAS has helped me to overcome my problems in reading. My experience in DAS is something which has helped me to get better grades in school.

- 2017 Graduate – AMK - Sec 3 NT Student
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DAS has been very helpful. I have learnt to read fluently and differentiate ‘d’ and ‘b’. I also learnt to use morphology to help me understand the meanings of words and useful comprehension skills. I feel accomplished and am thankful to all the teachers who have taught me so far.

- 2017 Graduate – TPN - Sec 1 Student
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* Names have been shortened for privacy.