Research Journal

APJDD Vol 1 No 1 (Jan 2014)

1. Editorial Comment
2. Pragmatic Skills in Chinese Dyslexic Children: Evidence from a Parental Checklist
3. The Impact of Teaching Methods on Learning of Chinese Characters among English-Chinese Bilingual Children with Dyslexia
4. The Literacy Performance of Young Adults who had Reading Difficulties in School: New Zealand Data from the International Adult Literacy and Lifestyle Survey
5. The Identification of Dyslexia in Preschool Children in a Multilingual Society
6. Sustained Benefits of a Multi-skill Intervention for Pre-school Children at Risk of Literacy Difficulties
7. "Amazing Shortcomings, Amazing Strengths" - Beginning to Understand the Hidden Talents of Dyslexics
8. Mathematical Difficulties in Singapore: A Case Study Approach