DAS Research

DAS researchers attend overseas conferences every year to share and learn about current research in the field of dyslexia. 

VIEW THE POSTERS presented at each conference by clicking on the images below. These studies are also published in our journals and handbooks which can be downloaded for free.


 No.  Name  Organisation  Research Title
1 See Shuhui Jacey & Koay Poay Sun DAS The Identification of Dyslexia in Preschool Children in a Multilingual Society
2 Angela Fawcett, Ray Lee & Rod Nicolson nil Sustained Benefits of a Multi-skill Intervention for Pre-school Children at Risk of Literacy Difficulties
3 Thomas, Kah Lai, Ashraf & Tim DAS Effectiveness of an Early Intervention Programme for Pre-School Children at Risk of Dyslexia  in Singapore
4 Edmen DAS Reading for understanding - strategies for children with dyslexia
5 Justina Tan, Sim Wei Jun, Liow Jia Jie, Julian Tan
Collaboration with Lois & Minqi
Temasek Polytechnic Investigating the Predictive Validity of Dyslexia Screening and Assessment Tools
6 Tam Shuyi DAS Effect of children’s literature on the Mathematics achievement for dyslexic students
7 Lee Ying Kit  London Metropolitan University A study of Educational Therapists from the Dyslexia Association of Singapore level of technology use and their views on using technology to teach English literacy to students aged between 7 and 12 and diagnosed with dyslexia in Singapore.
8 Christina Chia  nil The impact of working memory training on students with dyslexia
9 Daphne Yeo nil The coping processes of adolescents with dyslexia in Singapore in school: an exploratory study using grounded theory.
10 Sharen Ong DAS Perspectives of Adolescents with Dyslexia: An Insight through images
11 Tuty DAS  A qualitative study on engaging learners with dyslexia through picture books.
12 Amanda DAS A parents’ perspective on the challenges, dilemmas and support that their children with dyslexia face in the Singapore education system
13 EES Team DAS SES English Exam Skills Programme Evaluation Report 2014/15
14 Presch Team DAS SES Preschool Programme Evaluation Report 2015
15 CHI Team DAS SES Chinese Programme Evaluation Report 2015
16 SLT Team DAS SES Speech Language Therapy Evaluation Report 2014
17 Emilyn DAS The effectiveness of Orton-Gillingham (OG)-based programme for Singaporean children with dyslexia.
18 Lois, Vicki, Minqi, Deborah, Jun Hui DAS Investigating the Impact of Early Phonics Intervention on Literacy Development in Young Children
19 Yimei & Deborah DAS 1) Examining the subtypes of dyslexia in a Singaporean profile
2) Subtypes of dyslexia and their associated cognitive profiles in individuals in Singapore
20 Kwok Fuyu NTU Helping children with Dyslexia through neuroimaging and behavioural interventions
21 Serena, Alia Salim & Rosalyn  DAS The Process-Genre Approach and Student-Friendly Checklist Help Students With Dyslexia Improve On Their Writing – A Case Study
22 Yun Rui, Sha Lan & Lay Yen  DAS The Effectiveness of a Chinese Intervention Programme for Dyslexics in helping struggling learners 
23 Edmen, Asjamiah & Andy DAS Exploring the classroom practices of the English Exam Skills Programme for Singaporean primary school children. 
24 Soofrina & Adrian DAS An Evaluation of the Educators’ Perspective on the Effectiveness of Smartbars as a Tool for Smarter Teaching
25 Dr Tan, Priscillia, Yun Rui, Sha Lan & Lay Yen  DAS & NIE Reliability and Validity of a Chinese Literacy Assessment for school learners in Singapore
26 Soleha DAS Effectiveness of memory games in improving reading fluency and reading comprehension for Children with Dyslexia
27 Sharyfah DAS An Evaluation of the Preference-based teaching approach for children with dyslexia and challenging behaviour.
28 Winnie DAS The impact of  iPads on reading fluency and motivation in dyslexic children
29 Yiyao DAS The effectiveness of Family Literacy Programme for pre-schoolers at risk of literacy difficulties 
30 Muzdalifah DAS The Effectiveness of Using Drama as a Tool to Build Social-Emotional Development of Children with Dyslexia in Singapore.
31 Lois & Serena DAS Reading Comprehension Evaluation Project
32 Edmen, Tuty, Joanne & Emilyn DAS Investigating the impact of the English Exam Skills intervention programme on struggling learners without dyslexia
33 Edmen Leong, Hu Guangwei DAS & NIE The development and validation of an English Exam Skills test for primary three and four children with dyslexia     
34 Ana, Rebecca, Aishah & Albel DAS Investigating the impact of the Maths intervention programme on struggling learners without dyslexia
35 Yun Rui, Cailyn, Felicia DAS A Preliminary Study on the effectiveness of the DAS Chinese programme in teaching writing for upper primary school students with dyslexia  
36 Derek Zheng University College London A cross-cultural study exploring the perceptions and experiences of mainstream secondary pupils with dyslexia, their parents and educational professionals in a London borough and Singapore
37 Siti Mariam DAS Perspectives of Mainstream Students with Special Educational Needs on Inclusion     
38 Wong Yee Kuin, Isobelle MASEN Public Pilot study to investigate eye movement and visual perception abilities in students with dyslexia
39 Suthasha Kelly DAS Effectiveness of incorporating e-books in a literacy intervention programme to improve outcomes for early struggling readers.
40 Dr Tan, Rui, Lilian & Fang-Ju  DAS Effectiveness of Reading Comprehension Strategies for Primary School Learners with Dyslexia
41 Mary Mountstephen University of Reading Framing Professional Practice: Perceptions of Professionalism and Occupational Identity
42 Priscillia Shen DAC Developing a Computerized Bilingual Dyslexia Screening Tool for English-Chinese Learners in Singapore
43 Siti Aishah & Rebecca Yeo DAS Investigating the effectiveness of the mathematics remediation on Primary 4 students in the DAS Essential Maths Programme.
44 Shuet Lian, Er Ker, Sharon Reutens & Elizabeth Lim DAS Evaluative study on the effectiveness of DAS speech-language therapy
45 Deon Poh DAS An exploration of the impact of picture book illustration on the comprehension skills and vocabulary development on children with dyslexia Singapore
46 Deborah Hewes DAS Dyslexic Entrepreneurs in Singapore - The incidence and their personal attributes
47 Michelle Hui NTU Informal Caregiver's Cognitive Appraisal on Expressed Emotion towards Child with Developmental Disabilities/Difficulty in Singapore
48 Xian Hui, Susan Rickard & Siok Keng NUS & DAS Using sentence repetition to assess language in bilingual dyslexic children
49 Shahirah Begum Binte Sulaiman NTU Investigating the Effect of Romanization on Chinese Character Learning in Dyslexic and Non-dyslexic English-Chinese
Bilingual Child Readers
50 Sathi Menon DAS Perspectives of Trainee Educational Therapists in Singapore
51 Shakthi, Kah Lai & Yiyao DAS Investigating the impact of the Preschool Intervention Programme on struggling learners
52 Serena, Rosalyn & Wah Pheow DAS & TP Effectiveness of a blended learning model that delivers study skills curriculum to students with learning differences
53 Joanne Tan DAS Motivation and Vocational Decision of Secondary School Students with Dyslexia 
54 Anisa, Wei Xiang, Aisyah, Samuel & Verity SMU Bullying dyslexic children face in schools

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