4. Evaluating an early literacy intervention in Singapore

Wong Kah Lai1* and Shakthi Bavani Sathiasilan1

1 Dyslexia Association of Singapore


Research has shown that the early years can be critical for children’s progress in literacy and learning. Moreover, a number of predictors for success can be identified at this stage, including letter naming and phonological skills. An investigation into the effectiveness of the Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS) Preschool Early Literacy Intervention Programme (ELIP) was conducted with 294 kindergartners in 2016. Pre and post test results indicated literacy gains in all areas of early literacy intervention. These areas include alphabet and phonogram knowledge, sight words, reading and spelling. Thematic analysis of feedback gathered from parents, early literacy intervention therapists, and children showed intangible gains such as a love for learning and increased confidence, which may point towards the emergence of resilience. A positive tri-partnership between the therapist, the child and the parent is critical for success.

Keywords: Preschool/kindergarten; early intervention; phonics; literacy; stakeholder feedback; Singapore

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4. Evaluating an early literacy intervention in Singapore
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