DAS Handbook 2015 - Embrace Dyslexia

  1. Why should Singapore Embrace Dyslexia?
  2. Embrace a Different Kind of Mind
  3. Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore's Founding Prime Minister, Visionary, Leader, Father and Builder of a Nation, 1923 - 2015
  4. Dr Richard Kwok, Chief Technology Officer, Singapore Technologies Kinetics Ltd, Vice President, The Institution of Engineers, Singapore
  5. Kwok Ying Yu, National Serviceman, future Actuarial Science & Econometrics Undergraduate, Monash University
  6. Kwok Fuyu, PhD Candidate (Psychology) Nanyang Technological University
  7. Jenny Khng, Mother, Wife, Daughter and Entrepreneur, Co-founder of Trust Recycling
  8. Zalina Zakariah-Ismael - My Daughter - "Deanna in Wonderland", DAS Parent
  9. Embrace Dyslexia Update: Matthew Fawcett

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DAS Handbook 2015 - Embrace Dyslexia
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