DAS Promotes Inclusiveness through Artclusive@*SCAPE
Students with dyslexia to display, teach and ‘jam’ art with youths and public

SINGAPORE, 7 MARCH 2019 – The Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS) will hold Artclusive@*SCAPE, the first local art workshop and jamming session to direct the society’s attention to the artistic talent of students with dyslexia, from 9 to 16 March 2019.

At the event, the public will get to view art pieces created by DAS students at the *SCAPE Atrium. DAS students will also step out of their comfort zone to conduct art workshops on watercolour techniques for the public; and mingle and paint with primary 3 to secondary 5 students in an exclusive ‘Art Jamming’ session.

“People with dyslexia have talents that many do not see. While dyslexia brings about reading and spelling challenges, it is also linked to strong visual skills, a vivid imagination and a greater appreciation for colour, tone and texture. We hope that Artclusive@*SCAPE will raise public awareness about the strengths of people with dyslexia and strengthen our students’ confidence in their unique artistic potential,” said Mr. Lee Siang, CEO of DAS.

To-date, the art workshops have been fully signed up and limited slots are left for the ‘Art Jamming’ session, signifying positive support for students with dyslexia.

Doing art makes me feel happy because I can express myself. My favourite things to draw are characters from my imagination, like my painting ‘Dream Angel’, because it helps me cope with stress,“ said Chloe Ong, DAS Student.

As a not-for-profit youth organisation, *SCAPE supports the initiative as it serves as a platform for youths to understand and make aware of the issues revolving around dyslexia.

To encourage creative expressions, DAS conducts ArtVenture, a short-term programme focusing on the essential elements of visual arts for primary 1 to 3 students at its learning centres. The programme aims to develop skills and processes such as problem-solving, simple drawing, and mixed media techniques in its students.

Event Details

9th March 2019, Saturday – Art Workshop

11.00 am – 12.00pm
(For DAS students only)

DAS students will learn how to create greeting cards using the watercolour technique.

1.00 pm – 4.00pm
(Open to public)

Participants will learn, under the guidance of DAS students, how to create small greeting cards using the watercolour technique.
16th March 2019, Saturday – Art Jamming Session

1.00 pm – 4.00pm
(Open to public)

A free and easy session for participants to mingle and paint freely.
Register at https://artclusive.eventbrite.com

DAS invites you to join us to discover the talents of students with dyslexia. Kindly inform us if you would like to interview any DAS representative or students with dyslexia who excel in the field of art.