6 September 

Announcement of the winning Tongue Twister!

Flagging off the Tongue Twister Challenge for World Dyslexia Awareness Week 2017 

7 September 

Primary and Secondary Screening at DAS Woodlands Learning Centre

Start of DAS Centre Dress-up! 

2 October 

Appropriate Assessments

Launch of SpLD Assessment Services 

3 October Early Identification
4 October 

Appropriate Teaching Provision

Awareness Talk at Singapore Children's Home (10am)

Awareness Talk at ISCOS (11am) 

5 October 

Embracing Talents and Strengths

Announcement of Centre Dress-up Winners!

NTU Inclusive Education in Higher Education Forum

Awareness Talk at Morning Star (10am)

Awareness Talk at Barclays

Roadshow at Laselle

6 October

Raising Awareness

Primary and Secondary Screening at DAS Learning Centres

DAS Centre Dress-ups Winners announced

SpLD Amazing Race