selwyn ng

DAS Alumni Selwyn Ng is a final year student at Singapore Polytechnic, pursuing his diploma in Aerospace Engineering. His passion for aviation and flying gadgets were spurred by his love for 3D images and the mechanic function planes. What started out as an ‘expensive’ hobby, develops into a co-curricular activity at school where he and his group of like-minded friends get together on a weekly basis to develop and construct various drones and other machines to feed their passion.

Eventually, their unique passion began taking Selwyn and his friends outside their usual after school activity zone; and began participating in public events where he showcased his work and people took interest in the construction of HoverCraft.

Well, the rest of the story is history. More and more, the to conduct HoverCraft Workshops at community events and even in schools. Today Selwyn has what his mother, Adrienne Lim, DAS Educational Therapist, would call a mini-workshop, in the comfort of his own home. Featuring multiples 3D printers, drone models and rooms full of raw materials to fuel his love for 3D images and construction.

From a boy with dyslexia who was falling behind in school to a confident young man admired for his talented mind. No one said that having dyslexia would be easy, no one also said that dyslexia can’t take you to where you never thought you would be.

Recently, Selwyn has been offered a place in NUS and SUTD. He is still considering which to go as he awaits NTU to get back on his application to join the School of Mechanical Engineering.