DAY 52 - Google Lens  #CircuitBreaker #EmbraceDyslexia

Google lens app uses the camera on your phone to understand a lot more about your surroundings.

How do you use Google Lens? Find the lens icon on your phone to get the magic working. With images from your smartphone, it helps to identify common objects and landmarks without the need for a menu, additional buttons or toggling. Getting information about something without having to write it down is really useful and Google Lens does this for you.

How does Google lens do this? For example, you have just been to a conference and you have so many business cards but you don’t really want to add in all the contact numbers manually, what you can do to expedite the task is to open the Google Lens app and point the camera to the business card and it scans the text and understands all the text. If you point the camera to the email address, it gives you the option to email that person directly or if you tap on the address, you get the option to navigate directly there.

How does Google lens help a student?  Google Lens allows for scanning of texts of multiple languages which can then be used for translation.  It is also very helpful for students who just want a short synopsis of the text. All you have to do is point the Lens towards the book cover and it will present you with options including the synopsis. The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) functionality in the Google Lens app allows you to select any text through the camera, copy it and save it as a text file. 

What’s in the Horizon for Google lens?

As Google lens represents the latest development of camera technology and with Google implementing its operations, there are continuous updates and features that lie in store for consumers. It was recently revealed that Google Lens may be getting some educational features including camera mode that could help students with Math problems. Another upgrade would be the ability to use Google Lens app to translate written words without being online.

The app which has thus far divided its functionality into different sections, namely Translate, Text, Search, Shopping and Dining may be set to expand with a new ‘Education’ section. In the future, it looks like we can all look forward to pointing our camera at a homework question to get help. With the mode of learning from home being a phase that all of us are adapting to, it will come in handy if it goes live soon.

By Azlina Ismail
Educational Therapist and Edutech Representative
Rex House Learning Centre

DAS English Language & Literacy Division

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