DAS Handbook

DAS Handbook 2015

Editor: Emeritus Professor Angela Fawcett

Managing Editor: Deborah Hewes

DAS Handbook 2015 - Introduction
  1. Welcome Message – Lee Siang
  2. Editor’s Message – Emeritus Professor Angela Fawcett
DAS Handbook 2015 - Evaluation of DAS Programmes
  1. MOE-aided DAS Literacy Programme – MAP
  2. MOE-aided DAS Literacy Programme Admissions
  3. MOE-aided DAS Literacy Programme Curriculum Development and Enhancement
  4. MOE-aided DAS Literacy Programme Quality Assurance
  5. MOE-aided DAS Literacy Programme: A preview of the Joint Project with Temasek Polytechnic, School of Humanities & Social Sciences
DAS Handbook 2015 - Evaluation of SES Programmes
  1. Specialised Educational Services – Chinese Programme
  2. Specialised Educational Services – Preschool Early Intervention
  3. Specialised Educational Services – English Exam Skills Programme
  4. Specialised Educational Services – Essential Maths Programme
  5. Specialised Educational Services – Psycho-Educational Assessments
  6. Specialised Educational Services – Specialist Tutoring
  7. Specialised Educational Services – Speech and Drama Arts
  8. Specialised Educational Services – Speech and Language Therapy
DAS Handbook 2015 - Embrace Dyslexia
  1. Why should Singapore Embrace Dyslexia?
  2. Embrace a Different Kind of Mind
  3. Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore’s Founding Prime Minister, Visionary, Leader, Father and Builder of a Nation, 1923 – 2015
  4. Dr Richard Kwok, Chief Technology Officer, Singapore Technologies Kinetics Ltd, Vice President, The Institution of Engineers, Singapore
  5. Kwok Ying Yu, National Serviceman, future Actuarial Science & Econometrics Undergraduate, Monash University
  6. Kwok Fuyu, PhD Candidate (Psychology) Nanyang Technological University
  7. Jenny Khng, Mother, Wife, Daughter and Entrepreneur, Co-founder of Trust Recycling
  8. Zalina Zakariah-Ismael – My Daughter – “Deanna in Wonderland”, DAS Parent
  9. Embrace Dyslexia Update: Matthew Fawcett
DAS Handbook 2015 - International Perspectives
  1. Dyslexia, Bilingualism and Screening
    Emeritus Professor Angela Fawcett
  2. Dyslexia, and Co-occurring Difficulties
    Emeritus Professor Angela Fawcett
  3. Rhythm, Tempo and Enhanced Academic Performance
    Mary Mountstephen
  4. The Importance of Early Intervention: A Review
    Emeritus Professor Angela Fawcett
  5. A Practitioner’s Perspective: Increasing Effectiveness of the Linus Program with Phonics-based Multisensory approach
    Dr Aziz Abu Hassan
  6. Screening and Intervention for Dyslexia in Indonesia – Developing the LexiPal Program
    Kristiantini Dewi Soegondo and Purboyo Solek
  7. Inhibitory Control and Literacy Outcomes in Preschoolers with and Without Risk of Reading Difficulty
    Siew Hui Li, June
  8. Experiences of Dyslexic University Students in the UK
    Dr Margaret Meeham
DAS Handbook 2015 - Case Studies
  1. Useful Strategies and Technologial Solutions to Overcome Language-based Learning Differences when Studying at Tertiary Level
    Samunn Abdul Cafoor
  2. Psychological Assessments in Singapore – Getting Personal?
    Dr Tim Bunn
  3. Lexical-Based Intervention for Students with Dyslexia: An Exploratory Case Study
    Teo Yizhen Sue-Lynn, Dr Tim Bunn and Tan Swee Ching Amanda
DAS Handbook 2015 - Practical Applications
  1. The Importance of Bursaries at DAS
    Quek Gek San
  2. Community Outreach Programmes at DAS
    Fanny Foo
  3. You don’t remember this? The importance of working memory and what we can do to help children remember
    Adam Oei, PhD
DAS Handbook 2015 - Reviews
  1. Review of “The Dyslexia Debate” by Julian Elliot and Elena Grigorenko
    Dr Tim Bunn
DAS Handbook 2015 - About DAS
  1. Our Journey
  2. 2014-2015: A year of firsts and more…
  3. Our Learning Centre