Our Alumni

DAS gave me the confidence to do well. I learnt how to cope with my difficulties with reading and writing, which greatly improved my examination results. DAS classes were fun and lively, and the teachers were very supportive and motivating. I will always be thankful to DAS.  

Emily Yap, DAS Student Alumni


My experience in DAS was absolutely amazing and indescribable. It helped me love myself even with the difficulties I faced and I learned many things there. It has taught me to never give up and persevere even in the most difficult times and I am really thankful for that. 

Amelia Rae-Lene Chua, DAS Student Alumni




Alumni President - Keshvinn Naidu

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Alumni Member - Edward Yee

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Alumni Member - Christel Chue

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Alumni Member - Teo Heng Soon

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Alumni Member - Heng Yi Zen

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Alumni Member - Calvin Yio

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Alumni Member - Jeremy Lim

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  Alumni Member - Aerin Lim