Emilyn See

Emilyn See

  • Senior Educational Therapist
  • Curriculum Developer
  • RETA Associate Fellow
  • Tampines Learning Centre

Emilyn started working at DAS in June 2012. She holds a BA Hon. in English Language (Linguistics) from National University of Singapore (NUS) before completing her MA in Special Educational Needs at the University of Wales. She dual specialises in the English Exam Skills programme and developed the Grammar curriculum. Emilyn worked on research papers with the team and presented in local conferences such as UNITE SpLD and ERAS-APERA in 2018. She has since become a Curriculum Developer in 2019. She has a strong interest in the study of language, and believes teaching and learning from both her students and peers alike.



  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in English Language (Linguistics)
  • Masters in Special Educational Needs 


Abdul Razak, T. E., See, E., Tan, S. H. J. & Leong, E (2018) Exploring the effectiveness of the English Examination Skills Programme on struggling non-dyslexic learners. Asia Pacific Journal of Developmental Differences, 5(2), 141-162.