We are presently not accepting membership applications in view of the structural change in progress.



You have joined a movement that works towards the greater benefit of those impacted by dyslexia and specific learning differences!
You will be invited to attend DAS Annual General Meetings and Extraordinary General Meetings where major decisions may be made for the organisation
You will receive free of charge issues of the DAS e-newsletter - FACETS.
You will enjoy a 10% discount for Conferences, Workshops and Certificate Courses conducted by the DAS and subsidiary DAS Academy.
You will be invited to attend DAS functions and activities (some of which may be chargeable).


There are five memberships: Ordinary, Junior, Corporate, Life, and Honorary members

Ordinary Membership 

All persons aged 18 years and above shall be eligible to apply for ordinary membership.
Junior Membership All persons below 21 years of age shall be eligible to apply for junior membership. Upon reaching the age of 21 years, junior membership ceases and the person shall be eligible to apply for ordinary membership.

Corporate Membership

All voluntary and commercial organizations, clubs and institutes of learning shall be eligible to apply for corporate membership.
Life Membership All persons who are eligible to apply for ordinary membership shall be eligible to apply for life membership. Life members shall enjoy the same rights and privileges as ordinary members.
Honorary Membership Honorary membership may be conferred by the Association at a general meeting on any person who has rendered outstanding service to the Association. Membership is open to application by all persons and organisations who subscribe to the aims of the Association.

An applicant shall be duly proposed and seconded by two members of the Association. An applicant shall be admitted to membership by the Executive Committee at its sole discretion and no reason need to be given for rejections.

Upon approval of the application, the name of the new member together with such particulars as the Executive Committee shall require shall be entered in the membership register and the new member shall be notified of his admission into the Association. A copy of the Constitution of the Association shall be provided to every approved applicant who has paid his subscription.

The Executive Committee may expel any members whose conduct in its opinion has been prejudicial to the aims and interests of the Association. No member, however, shall be expelled without being given an opportunity to appear before the Executive Committee to present his defence.


The membership subscriptions shall be determined from time to time by the Executive Committee.

Annual subscriptions shall be payable on 1st April of each year or on admission.

For new applications, the fees payable will be pro-rated at the monthly level.  DAS will invoice for fees for the next membership year for applications approved after 1st October.

It shall be the duty of each member to pay his subscriptions promptly when due. The Executive Committee may terminate the membership of any member who is more than three months late in paying his subscriptions.

For all membership queries please write to info@das.org.sg

To submit your completed form please send to das.hq@das.org.sg