Our Mission

Helping Dyslexic People Achieve

Our Goal

To build a world class organisation dedicated to helping dyslexic people and those with specific learning differences in Singapore.

Our Aims

  1. To put quality first in delivering a comprehensive and effective professional service for dyslexic people and those with specific learning differences on a not-for profit basis.
  2. To provide an assessment service for individuals at risk of having dyslexia and/or specific learning differences.
  3. To provide educational programme and other support services for individuals with dyslexia and/or specific learning differences.
  4. To raise public and professional awareness of the nature and incidence of dyslexia and specific learning differences.
  5. To enable others (teachers, parents and professionals) to help dyslexic individuals and those with specific learning differences.
  6. To assist and elicit financial and other support for people with dyslexia, those with specific learning differences and their families.
  7. To promote and carry out local research into dyslexia, specific learning differences and to disseminate results.
  8. To network with other organisations in Singapore and internationally to bring best practices to the DAS and Singapore. 


DAS as a Social Enterprise

DAS views itself as a social enterprise. We strive to be a sustainable business with a social mission. Our business is used as a means to help dyslexic people achieve. We reinvest our surpluses to fulfil our social objectives and in doing so, combine the entrepreneurial and business skills with our philanthropic mission characteristics as a not-for-profit organisation.

Characteristics of DAS Social Enterprise

  1. We provide high-quality, professional, innovative and client-focused solutions to create and sustain services for the dyslexic community in Singapore and the region.
  2. We operate as a financially viable and cost-effective business which at the same time ensures that no dyslexic person is unable to access our services because they cannot afford it.
  3. We generate social returns on our investments through the development of a dynamic, motivated team of highly qualified and experienced professionals.
  4. We have a heightened sense of accountability to stakeholders through our professional management team.