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pretty paints

New Workshop: Pretty Paints - Acrylic Painting

Ignite your imagination with Acrylic Painting! Explore ...


New Workshop: Unfolding a Story - Writing with Origami

Origami, the ancient art of paper folding, can improve ...


New Workshop: HoverCraft Race

HoverCraft a powerful military vehicle build by the Britsh ...

Dec individual squares-046

Dec 2019: Bridging to Secondary Mathematics

Still struggling with Secondary Mathematics? Join our ...

Dec individual squares-03

Dec 2019: Ready, Steady, Go! (Primary Maths Readiness for K2)

Is your child ready for Primary 1? From writing numbers to ...

Dec individual squares-027

Dec 2019: Social Skills Workshop (For K2 to P2)

Through games, role play and other practical activities ...

Dec individual squares-01

Dec 2019: Social Communication for Growing Kids

Conducted by our Speech and Language Therapists, social ...