Snowman by Cheyenne

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An original art piece created by our DAS student Cheyenne.

Publication Date: 27 Feb 2018


20% of the amount collected will go to the artist while the rest will go to a bursary fund to help needy students.

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Name of Artwork: Snowman

Description: Snowman makes me happy. I was inspired by winter and cooling weather to paint this.

Name of Artist: Cheyenne

Input from Creative Instructor: Cheyenne is a student of mine in our MOE Aided Programme (MAP) classes. Her passion and enthusiasm for Art can be seen in our daily work. I could see her eyes sparkle when I shared with her about a painting session for the DAS. Cheyenne has been in three of the many Art workshops conducted here in the DAS. As soon as the workshop ends, she would ask if there will be another upcoming one. I was and still am truly grateful that she enjoyed herself throughout the workshops. It is fun working with Cheyenne as she is creative and has strong determination in everything she does. I look forward to working with her again.