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Integrated Curriculum

Teaching Principles

  Phonemic Awareness And Phonics

Students are taught to read and spell words through the explicit teaching of sounds, spelling rules and strategies.
  Reading Fluency

In class, students are encouraged to apply sounds and strategies learnt to read with smooth and natural expression.
  Reading Comprehension

Our lessons aim to get students engaged with the text by equipping them with essential comprehending skills. These skills enable them to draw references as well as to use general knowledge to create meaning.
  Language and Vocab

Beyond phonics, MAP Curriculum explicitly emphasizes vocabulary development through oracy, reading, writing and morphologic instruction.

Our writing curriculum focuses on developing students' basic understanding of grammar, linguistic knowledge and writing strategies to write sentences, paragraphs and text well.
  Assistive Technology

The MAP curriculum infuses technology through the TRACK framework which merge technology content and instructional knowledge. This complimentary approach enhances students' academic experience, success and independence.