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For Primary & Secondary School Children


Only primary and secondary school students who are diagnosed to have dyslexia can receive educational therapy under the MOE-Aided DAS Literacy Programme. 


The dyslexia diagnosis must come from a registered psychologist who provides an official report detailing the assessment done. A psychological assessment is important because it allows us to determine the best way of helping a child. The DAS has its own Assessment Service but we also accept reports and referrals from other psychologists. 


If your child already has had an assessment done with a registered psychologist and is diagnosed to have dyslexia, please send us the report together with the completed DAS Referral Form.   


If all the required information is found on the report, we will contact you to advise you on the enrolment procedure. Otherwise, we may have to arrange for our psychologists to meet your child for a further evaluation. 


For a Psycho-Educational Assessment with DAS, please click here


Induction Talk for Parents


Parents are required to attend an Induction Talk which will be organised by the Centre Managers. The talk will provide interesting information on dyslexia, programme policies and essential information on financial matters. The talk for parents applies also to parents of pre-schoolers and secondary school students joining the programme.

Implementation of Administrative Fee for Referrals to MAP  

Please be informed that with effect from 1st January 2016, a non-refundable administrative fee of $53.50 (inclusive of GST) will be charged for all referrals to the MOE-Aided DAS Literacy Programme (MAP). This fee will cover the administrative costs in the processing of applications to the MAP.

For more than 10 years, the DAS MAP Admissions team has been working towards ensuring that students with learning difficulties receive the appropriate learning support. While the efforts to maintain the quality and efficiency of our services inevitably translate to increased costs, please be assured that we are committed to ensuring that our fees remain reasonable within the market.

Referrals made before 1st January 2016 will not be subjected to this administrative fee, and support is available for families in need of financial assistance. We seek your understanding and support in moving forward in enabling our children to achieve their full potential.