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Provides useful information about your child’s cognitive abilities, memory and literacy skills which you can share with your child’s teacher/tutor.


Gives greater insight into the nature and extent of the difficulties that your child may have or if other forms of therapy may be of benefit.


Helps you identify the appropriate learning programme based on your child’s learning needs.


Helps you identify your child's profile of strengths which he/she can make use of in learning.


The main aim of the assessment is to find the best way of helping your child. It helps us decide if your child would benefit from our learning programme or if your child would be better helped by another organisation.



If we find that your child would benefit from our learning programme, then the assessment will help guide the ways in which we teach your child. In the case of review assessments, the information can also be useful in determining how much your child has progressed following intervention. Furthermore, the assessment results will help us recommend how you could support your child at home.


Our DAS psychologist will give you a personal explanation on the results of assessment together with a written report. The DAS assessment report is recognised by most Singaporean organisations and government bodies such as the Ministry of Education. 


An assessment report is required when requesting for access arrangements for your child in school or during national examinations. The written report can be given to those who care for or teach your child so that they are aware of your child's needs. Access arrangements are recommended based on evidence of needs and your child would typically need to receive a diagnosis of dyslexia before they are granted with them.